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Costas N. Constantinides

“Catalogue of the Monastery of Iveron Greek Manuscripts, Vol. 2, MSS 101–200”

Costas N. Constantinides

University of Ioannina, Byzantine Studies Fellow, Spring

The manuscripts 101–200 of the Monastery of Iveron on Mt. Athos date mostly from the Palaiologan period and preserve textbooks for classical poetry and Aristotelian philosophy, works of Synesius of Cyrene, orations of Aelius Aristeides, medical treatises of Galen, collections of letters of Byzantine scholars, Excerpta Sententiarum, an Anonymous Quadrivium, the metrical Chronicle of Constantine Manasses, and the Roman History of Nikephoros Gregoras. Rare texts are also to be found, such as Eutecnius’ Paraphrase of the Halieutica of Oppianus, or a codex unicus of the Life of Aesop in the vernacular, as well as textbooks used at schools during the Enlightenment. These manuscripts reached the monastery from all over the Christian world.

Costas N. Constantinides read history at the University of Athens (ΒΑ Hons., 1973), and pursued postgraduate studies at the University of London (PhD, 1979). He taught Byzantine history and literature at the University of Ioannina (1982–2016), and as visiting professor at the University of Cyprus and at the Royal Holloway, University of London. He has published nine monographs and 85 articles, covering a wide range of topics, such as Byzantine education, Greek palaeography, the history of medieval Cyprus and Epiros, and Byzantine hagiography.