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Diane Jones Allen

“The Maroon Landscape: A Cultural Approach to Coastal Resiliency”

Diane Jones Allen.

Garden and Landscape Studies Fellow

Climate change is intensifying the negative impacts of standard development practices and putting people and communities at risk. This research will explore the culture and way of life of Maroons, or runaway slaves, who lived in the Louisiana Central Wetlands centuries ago. This way of living and the landscape in which it was lived, the Maroon landscape and way of life, will be mined to examine their potential contribution to ecological protection and climate adaptation for coastal communities.

Diane Jones Allen, D. Eng., PLA, FASLA is program director and professor of landscape architecture, University of Texas at Arlington. She is principal landscape architect with DesignJones LLC, which received the 2016 American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) Community Service Award. She participated on the 2017 ASLA Blue Ribbon Panel on Climate Change. Allen is author of Lost in the Transit Desert: Race Transit Access and Suburban Form (2017) and coeditor of Design as Democracy: Techniques for Collective Creativity (2017). She is part of one of two cross-disciplinary teams that won the 2020 SOM Foundation Research Prize focused on examining social justice in urban contexts.