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Gina Buckley

“What Is the City but the People? A Comparative Analysis of Migration and Socioeconomic Status Groups in the La Ventilla District of Classic Period Teotihuacan”

Gina Buckley

Pennsylvania State University, Pre-Columbian Studies Junior Fellow

Buckley's research analyzes isotopic ratios and mortuary practices from 150 human burials from two residential apartment compounds in the La Ventilla district of Teotihuacan (200–600 CE) to understand urban migration patterns over time. Her doctoral project includes the largest skeletal sample for isotopic studies at Teotihuacan and provides the most comprehensive profile of urban migration patterns at a Mesoamerican city. Buckley’s research assesses whether working-level groups tended to migrate into the city more than those of higher status. She will compare new information with existing research from the lower-status Tlajinga district to interpret if ranked status groups in the city practiced different levels of in-migration.

Gina Buckley is a dual-PhD candidate in anthropology and demography at Pennsylvania State University, where she also received her MA in 2016. She has been involved in several excavation and laboratory projects (isotopic analysis and radiocarbon dating) in the Valley of Teotihuacan including the Proyecto Arqueológica Tlajinga Teotihuacan (Boston University/Pennsylvania State University), the Proyecto Conjunto Plaza de las Columnas (Harvard/Boston University), and the Altica Project (Dartmouth/University of Arkansas). She is the codirector of the Proyecto Inmigración a Través del Tiempo Teotihuacan (PITT) and specializes in strontium and lead isotopic analyses, stable isotope anlaysis, and radiocarbon dating, specifically exploring ancient migration and refining the geological baselines for Central Mexico. Buckley has received additional training as an intern at the University of Missouri Research Reactor Facility (MURR) in 2019.