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Jakub Kabala

“The Struggle for Great Moravia: Visions of Space in Byzantium, Francia, and the Papacy, 800–900”

Jakub Kabala

Davidson College, Byzantine Studies Fellow

In his research, Kabala seek to understand how Byzantine, Carolingian, and papal authors understood space and power in the ninth century. His book project explores this subject through a case study of the Byzantine mission to the Slavs of Great Moravia and its contentious aftermath between 863 and 885. Written records of the mission expose not only the distinct mental geographies operating in Byzantium, Carolingian Francia, and the papacy, but also the different strategies used by these sister civilizations to assert and justify authority over a contested medieval frontier. The struggle for Great Moravia allows us to confront the diverse ambitions driving the very formation of Europe in the early Middle Ages.

Jakub Kabala is the James B. Duke Pre-Tenure Professor of Digital Studies and History at Davidson College, where he has taught courses in medieval history and computational methods in the humanities since 2015. He earned his AB (2004), AM (2008), and PhD (2014) degrees in medieval history from Harvard University. In 2014–15, he held a postdoctoral appointment with the Initiative for the Science of the Human Past at Harvard University. Along the way, he developed research interests in medieval and Byzantine frontiers, computational approaches to authorship attribution, and the material culture and archaeology of Byzantium and medieval Europe.