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Lizabeth Wardzinski

“A Model for the World: Tennessee Valley Authority and Postwar Development”

Lizabeth Wardzinski

North Carolina State University, Garden and Landscape Studies Junior Fellow

Wardzinski will be researching and writing her dissertation, focusing on the small southern city of Knoxville as a global destination for architects and planners as part of a larger postwar initiative to spread the ideals of a democratic citizenry through city and regional planning efforts. Additionally, she will trace Tennessee Valley Authority pedagogy in postwar university city and regional planning departments in the southeastern region of the United States in order to uncover how the TVA trained planners in its likeness in both the American hinterland and a postimperial modernizing world, while concurrently maintaining imperially determined the racial and social structures of the past.

Lizabeth Wardzinski is a PhD candidate at North Carolina State University’s College of Design. She holds a bachelor’s degree in three-dimensional art from the University of Iowa and a master’s of architecture from Iowa State University. Wardzinski practiced architecture for six years before embarking on her PhD. In her dissertation, “A Model for the World: Tennessee Valley Authority and Postwar Development,” she studies the impact of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) as a model of development and decentralization on city and regional planning in the American south and postwar regions of modernization.