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Savvas Kyriakidis

“Oath-Taking and Oath-Breaking in Byzantium (13th–14th Centuries)”

Savvas Kyriakidis

Independent Scholar, Byzantine Studies Fellow

This study on Byzantine approaches to oath-taking and perjury examines the impact of oaths on Byzantine social relationships. It explores Byzantine ideas about swearing, the uses of oath-taking as means to seek the truth, and the practice and rituals of oath-taking. It investigates the connection between Byzantine concepts of honor and oath-taking and discuss the use of oath as an instrument of subversive activities and duplicity.

Savvas Kyriakidis holds a PhD in Byzantine studies from the University of Birmingham. His research focuses on the history of the later Byzantine empire and his main publication is Warfare in Late Byzantium, 1204–1453 (Brill, 2011). He has been a postdoctoral fellow at Princeton University (Hellenic Studies) and at the University of Johannesburg and research fellow at Koç University and at New Europe College in Bucharest.