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Tine Rassalle

photo of Tine Rassalle

Byzantine Coins and Seals Summer Program

Tine Rassalle is a PhD candidate in ancient Mediterranean religions at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She holds a BA and an MA in archeology of the Near East from Gent University and another BA in Hebrew and Aramaic languages and cultures from Leiden University. Her main research focuses on the material culture of ancient Judaism and early Christianity in Palestine. She is currently finishing up her dissertation, which focuses on coin hoards in ancient synagogues from late antiquity in Palestine. Rassalle is the field supervisor of the Horvat Kur excavations in the Galilee, an executive staff member of SASA (Save Ancient Studies Alliance), and a member of the ASOR Early Career Scholars Committee. She is also an avid archaeogamer, a topic on which she has written multiple articles.