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Walter Pohl

“Social Identities in a First-Millennium Perspective”

Walter Pohl

University of Vienna, Byzantine Studies Visiting Scholar, Spring

Pohl will put his previous research on ethnic identities in the post-Roman West in a broader perspective, chronologically, spatially and also thematically. He will explore possible lines of comparison and changes over time. In particular, the focus will be on post-imperial situations: was imperial rule replaced by another empire, by regional realms (with or without imperial pretensions), or by periods of instability? What role did different forms of identity (political, ethnic, territorial, urban, religious) play in the emergence of new overarching communities?

Walter Pohl holds a PhD from the University of Vienna, and has taught as visiting faculty at UCLA, CEU Budapest, and the Universities of Leiden and Ishevsk (Russia). He has written books on the Avars (in English, 2018), the ancient Germans, on the Migration Period, and on the monastery of Montecassino. He is professor of medieval history at the University of Vienna and Director of the Institute for Medieval Research at the Austrian Academy of Sciences.