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Contact Information and Staff Directory

General Information

1703 32nd Street NW
Washington, DC 20007

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Rights and Reproductions Requests

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Human Resources

Jobs at Dumbarton Oaks

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Executive Team
  • Thomas B. F. Cummins, Director
  • Yota Batsaki, Executive Director
  • Jenny KanzlerSenior Executive Assistant and Project Coordinator
  • Simone Poling, Executive Assistant and Plant Humanities Coordinator
Press & Communications
  • Elizabeth Panox-Leach, Communications Manager
  • Jenn Briggs, Digital Content Editor
Human Resources
  • Nevena DjurdjevicDirector of Human Resources
  • Kristina Rowley, Human Resources Generalist
  • Manuel Cuyun, Director of Finance
  • Christopher Archbold, Financial Assistant
  • Jonathan Lee, Payroll and Benefits Coordinator
Information Technology
  • Charlotte Johnson, Information Technology Director
  • Gregory Blakey, System Administrator
  • Harry Chang, Help Desk Technician
  • Talatu Olugbemi, Network Engineer
  • Janaki Reddi, Database Developer
  • Marty Wrin, Client Support Technician

  • David Conine, Director of Facilities
  • Manuel Delgado, Assistant Director of Facilities
  • Delaney Manning, Facilities and Construction Project Manager


  • Mario García, Facilities and Services Coordinator
  • J. David Cruz-Delgado, Events and Services Coordinator
  • Bryan Anderson, Building Assistant
  • Tafara Gadson, Building Assistant
  • Jose Luis Guerrero, Building Assistant
  • José Pineda, Building Assistant
  • José Ramos, Building Assistant
  • Candida Tejada de Cruz, Building Assistant


  • Reginald Hardy, Chief Engineer
  • Kenneth Johnson, Senior Building Engineer
  • Noel Gabitan, Mechanical Maintenance Technician
  • Michael Neal, Building Engineer


  • Sylvia Henderson, Executive Chef Manager
  • Daniel Farber, Sous Chef
  • America Guerrero, Refectory Attendant

Visitor Contacts

MuseumEmail the Museum
  • Rights and Reproductions Requests
  • Fax | 202-849-4373
  • Juan Antonio Murro, Chief Curator
  • Elizabeth Dospel Williams, Curator, Byzantine Collection
  • Carla Galfano, Manager, House Collection
  • Ellen Richardson, Manager of Exhibitions 
  • Jonathan Shea, Curator of Coins and Seals
  • Peter Tsouras, Museum Exhibit Technician
  • For gardening and plant information, we recommend the excellent resources of the University of Maryland Extension, Home and Garden Information Center

  • Jonathan Kavalier, Director of Gardens and Grounds
  • Marc Vedder, Foreperson of Gardens and Grounds
  • Ricardo Aguilar, Crew Leader
  • Austin Ankers, Gardener
  • Kara Biehl, Administrative Assistant and Gardener
  • Melissa Brizer, Greenhouse Specialist
  • Rigoberto Castellon, Crew Leader
  • Leena Chapagain, Gardener 
  • Kimberly Frietze, Crew Leader
  • MJ Garcia, Gardener
  • James Lavahun, Gardener
  • Luis Marmol, Gardener III
  • Martin Nji, Gardener

Museum ShopEmail the Museum Shop
  • Phone | 202-339-6400 ext. 6978
  • Fax | 202-339-6426
  • Veronica Hernandez, Museum Shop Manager

EventsEmail Events
Email Music at Dumbarton Oaks
  • Phone | 202-339-6400 ext. 6436

  • Susannah Italiano, Senior Events Manager
  • Charlotte Gutierrez, Events Coordinator
  • Jason HughesAudiovisual Technical Specialist
  • Valerie Stains, Artistic Director, Music at Dumbarton Oaks
Education and ToursEmail Education
Email Tours

Discover free educational resources for families, K–12 students, and educators on our education page.

Hannah Yang, Education Manager

Academic Contacts

Byzantine StudiesEmail Byzantine Studies
  • Felix Szabo, Program Coordinator for Byzantine Studies

Senior Fellows

  • Dimiter Angelov
  • Elizabeth Bolman
  • George E. Demacopoulos
  • Christina Maranci
  • Stratis Papaioannou
  • Claudia Rapp, Chair
Garden and Landscape StudiesEmail Garden and Landscape Studies
  • Phone | 202-339-6400 ext. 6460
  • Fax | 202-625-0432

  • Thaïsa Way, Director of Garden and Landscape Studies
  • Jane PadelfordProgram Coordinator for Garden and Landscape Studies
  • Rebecca Goodman, Mellon Program Assistant

Senior Fellows

  • Vera S. Candiani
  • Stephen Daniels
  • Philip J. Deloria
  • Dianne S. Harris
  • Elizabeth Hyde, Chair
  • Akin Ogundiran
Pre-Columbian StudiesEmail Pre-Columbian Studies
  • Phone | 202-339-6400 ext. 6440
  • Fax | 202-625-0284

  • Frauke Sachse, Director of Pre-Columbian Studies
  • Adrianne VaritimidisProgram Coordinator for Pre-Columbian Studies

Senior Fellows

  • Oswaldo Chinchilla Mazariegos
  • Tom Dillehay
  • Stephen Houston
  • Barbara Mundy, Chair
  • Tiffiny Tung
  • María Teresa Uriarte

Fellowships, Internships, and GrantsEmail Fellowship Programs
Email Internships
  • Phone | 202-339-6400 ext. 6413
  • Fax | 202-339-6416

  • Courtney Randolph, Manager of Academic Programs
Library Email the Library
  • Kimball Clark, Cataloger
  • Noa Corcoran-Tadd, Pre-Columbian Studies Librarian
  • Vickie Crawley, Serials Assistant
  • Ingrid Gibson, Interlibrary Loan Librarian
  • Taylor Johnson, Rare Book Collection Coordinator
  • Alex Krensky, Archivist
  • Sarah Mackowski, Senior Acquisitions and Cataloging Assistant
  • Madison McManus, Library Assistant, Public Services
  • Sandra Parker-Provenzano, Head Cataloger
  • Sarah B. Pomerantz, Serials and Acquisitions Librarian
  • Chloe Raub, Manager, Library Research Services
  • Joshua Robinson, Byzantine Studies Librarian
  • Bettina Smith, Manager, Image Collections and Fieldwork Archives
  • Toni Stephens, Library Assistant
  • Anna Taylor, Visual Materials Cataloger
  • Anatole Tchikine, Curator of Rare Books
PublicationsEmail Publications
  • Abigail AndersonPublications Production Coordinator
  • Nicole Eddy, Managing Editor, Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Library
  • Sara Taylor, Managing Editor, Art and Archaeology
  • Colin Whiting, Managing Editor, Byzantine Studies

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