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Hannelore Segers

“Paraphrasis and Cento: A Comparative Analysis of Late Antique Greek and Latin Versification”

Hannelore Segers

Harvard University, Byzantine Studies Tyler Fellow

Segers aims to conduct dissertation research on the genres of verse cento and paraphrasis in the world of late antiquity, focusing on authors such as Eudocia, Nonnus of Panopolis, and Proba. Her research will present comparative case studies of Greek and Latin centonic and paraphrastic poems to come to a better understanding of the contemporary conceptions of these genres and how they relate to conceptions of versification at that time. It will also explore the historical context of readership and the genres’ reception in the Byzantine and western medieval settings.

Hannelore Segers is a fifth-year graduate student at Harvard University pursuing a PhD in classical philology with a secondary field in medieval studies. She holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in classical languages and literature from Ghent University, Belgium. Her research interests include late antiquity, the transmission of classical texts, and textual criticism. She has previously interned at Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Library and has been involved in several projects concerning digital text editing at Harvard.