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Joanne Baron

"Kerr Maya Archive Cataloging Project"

Joanne Baron

Post-Doctoral Fellow, Pre-Columbian Art and Archaeology

At Dumbarton Oaks, Joanne will be working to catalog the Kerr Maya Archive, consisting of photographs of Maya art. Drawing on her expertise in Maya epigraphy and iconography, she will contribute to the creation of a searchable online database of the Kerr photographic collection.

Joanne Baron earned her Bachelors degree and PhD from the University of Pennsylvania. She specializes in the epigraphy, iconography, and archaeology of the Classic period Maya. Since 2013, she has directed the La Florida Archaeology Project in Peten, Guatemala. Joanne’s recent research has focused on Maya patron deities and their role in Maya politics, while her current work explores the political economy, especially monetization in the 7th century. Joanne has taught at both the University of Pennsylvania and at Bard Early College and has served on the board of the Society for Economic Anthropology.