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Andrea Nanetti

“News About the Byzantines in the Venetian Diaries: Extracts from the Diarii by Antonio Morosini, Giorgio and Piero Dolfin, and Domenico Malipiero dated between 1402 (Battle of Ankara) and 1461 (Fall of Trebizond)”

Andrea Nanetti

Fellow, Byzantine Studies

In Dr. Andrea Nanetti’s research project at Dumbarton Oaks, news about the Byzantines is extracted from the Venetian Diaries (1402–1461) and compared with other Greek and Latin primary sources and relevant secondary literature in English, Modern Greek, German, French, Italian, and potentially, in more languages (e.g., Russian, Turkish) using the Dumbarton Oaks library, museum resources, the Dumbarton Oaks community, the Library of Congress, and the Smithsonian Institution. The expected final product of this research would be a book publishing these extracts, with English translation, critical commentary, and a historical introduction. One of the Dumbarton Oaks book series would be the first choice for publication, and an online companion will be designed and implemented on

Andrea Nanetti received his education in historical sciences in Italy (Bologna), France (Sorbonne), Germany (Cologne), Greece (Athens), and the USA (Brown). He is an award-winning and internationally recognized expert in digital humanities. Using the history of Venice as a showcase and laboratory, he achieved international standing. He is currently a Professor of Digital Humanities at Nanyang Technological University Singapore, from where he leads his research around a combination of heritage studies with computational technologies and digital media in universities, research centers, charitable foundations, and the industry in several European countries, the USA, Australia, the Gulf Region, India, and China.