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Die Gesetze im Codex Theodosianus über die eheliche Bindung von freien Frauen mit Sklaven Apr 19, 2013
Deeds of Last Will in Graeco-Roman Egypt: A Case Study in Regionalism Apr 19, 2013
Christianisation in the Fourth Century: The Example of Roman Women Apr 19, 2013
De Latrone Converso: The Tale of the Converted Robber Apr 19, 2013
Some Light on Magic and Magicians in Late Antiquity Apr 19, 2013
Bibliography Folder
Bibliography on Gender in Byzantium Apr 19, 2013
Book Reference
Ο θεσμός της οικογένειας στην Ήπειρο κατά τον 13° αιώνα Apr 19, 2013
Egeria's Travels Apr 19, 2013
Porphyry, the Philosopher, to Marcella: Text and Translation with Introduction and Notes Apr 19, 2013
Harlots of the Desert: A Study of Repentance in Early Monastic Sources Apr 19, 2013
Kassia: The Legend, the Woman, and her Work Apr 19, 2013
Inbook Reference
Friendship Between the Sexes: Classical Theory and Christian Practice Apr 19, 2013
Incollection Reference
Vita of Synkletike Apr 19, 2013
Die geplante Eheschliessung Augustins und die Entlassung seiner Konkubine Apr 19, 2013
The So-Called Women's Gallery in the Medieval Church: An Import from Byzantium Apr 19, 2013
Disposizioni e consuetudini bizantine a protezione dell'onore della donna Apr 19, 2013
Women in the Mirror: The Rhetoric of Adornment in the Roman World Apr 19, 2013
Phdthesis Reference
The socio-religious role of women according to Hippolytus in the light of the early Christian fathers Apr 19, 2013
The Ideology of the Feminine in Byzantine historical narrative: The role of John Skylitzes' Synopsis of histories Apr 19, 2013
Wisdom as it is Manifested in the Theotokos and the Women Saints of the Byzantine Era Apr 19, 2013
The Iconography of Female Adornment in Late Antiquity Apr 19, 2013
Images of the Virgin in Middle Byzantine Constantinople: Icons, Seals, Coins, Ivories and Manuscripts Apr 19, 2013
Rare Book
A binding of brown calf on pasteboard, tooled in gold and in blind, with painted black details Apr 24, 2015
Flore des dames et des demoiselles. Apr 24, 2015
The girdle book of Mildred Barnes Bliss Apr 24, 2015
The Faerie Queene. Apr 24, 2015
Le Bois de Vincennes Apr 24, 2015
Exhibit Item
Frontispiece, Recueil de plantes Apr 24, 2015
Campanula minor rotundifolia Apr 24, 2015
Plantae Multicapsulares Capsulis Disjunctis Apr 24, 2015
Sedum serratum, flore albo, multiflorum Apr 24, 2015
Frontispiece, Recueil de plantes: Detail Apr 24, 2015
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