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Byzantine Glass

November 16, 2002 | Byzantine Studies Workshop, Alice-Mary Talbot and David Whitehouse, Organizers

This one-day workshop, organized by David Whitehouse of the Corning Museum of Glass and Alice-Mary Talbot of Dumbarton Oaks, is designed to focus attention on glass produced in the region of the Byzantine Empire between the 7th and 15th c. Although there are numerous references to glass in medieval Greek texts and glass objects are represented in monumental works of art, the glass produced in the middle and late Byzantine periods has attracted little attention until recently. Very little Byzantine glass is on display in museums, in contrast to relatively abundant examples of late antique glass. Of late, however, the scientific excavation of middle and late Byzantine sites in the Aegean area has begun to uncover more numerous examples of Byzantine glass, primarily tesserae and fragments of lamps, bracelets, and window panes. This workshop will assemble a small group of glass specialists, archaeologists, and conservators to share information on recent finds and discoveries.