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Ulma campestris suberosa glabra. See also Ulmus campestris
T.D. No. 109
Ulma parviflora. See also Ulmus parviflora
Sweeney's garden talk notes about
Ulma procera. See also Ulmus procera
English elm
Ulmus americana
32nd Street border, south side
American elm
Front Lawn
from Beech Terrace to Loggia, p.44
on Box Walk, p.42
in Catalogue House display Oct. 4, 1941
in the Copse
in the Copse, p.37
on Crabapple Hill
on Crabapple Hill, p.43
from DO residence front entrance to Orangery, p.46
east along walk between R St. wall and 31st St. entrance, p.19
East Lawn
East Lawn, incl. wilderness, Gothic gardens, and Corkalockie walk to Orangery
on Elm Terrace south of Pebble Garden
Iris Hill - Ellipse to Branch East of Forsythia Hill
Koelreuteria paniculata as replacement for
No. 8
No. 32
north of enclosed yard, p.25
northwest of Mrs. Clark's cottage, p.26
Nos. 1, 3, 15, 20, 33, 37
Nos. 7 and 60
Nos. 1-2
Nos. 62 and 64
in the Orchard
on path to Mrs. Clark's cottage from service walk, p.25
on path to paint house from Mrs. Clark's path, p. 26
R Street, front of house
between R Street wall and driveway, p.48
at south lawn edge, p.52
at Superintendent's Cottage, p.29
Sweeney's garden talk notes about
T.D. Nos. 105 and 106
from terrace D's south gate to Orangery, p.50
on walk between cutting garden and Box Walk, p.40
Ulmus campestris. See also Ulma campestris suberosa glabra
English elm, in the Orchard
No. 54
No. 64
pool to Lovers' Lane gate
Ulmus campestris aurea
T.D. No. 107
Ulmus foliacea suberosa (cork elm)
No. 48
No. 53
Ulmus fulva
in the Copse, p.37
Hillside back and east of greenhouse and west to spring
No. 3
No. 24
No. 28
R Street, front of house
between R Street wall and driveway, p.48
slippery elm
Front Lawn
Ulmus parviflora. See also Ulma parviflora
Chinese elm
for Lovers' Lane Pool
East Lawn, incl. wilderness, Gothic gardens, and Corkalockie walk to Orangery
Lovers' Lane to Wilderness
No. 53
from Terrior Column to entrance gate, right side, p.52
Ulmus procera. See also Ulma procera
English elm
Ulmus racemosa
Hillside back and east of greenhouse and west to spring
Uncoloured (Pillement). See Pillement, Jean
The Unconventional Garden (Hort)
marked X (fair)
Underworld (DO basement). See also Garden Library
entrance to Museum through, south of Music Room wall
Garden Guide Service office in
allowing enough shelving space for
book shelves inadequate for
bulging with garden books
card index of Garden books moved into
file drawer measurements for
inaccessible to visitors
mould on books in
plans to move to
renovations to
Unicorn and Lady or Unicorn Lady
base for
lack of urgency for
and placement of
in DO Park, stone seat for
elimination of
JT seeking suggestions about
as museum donation, would MB be willing?
Unifolium canadense
P. H. No. 330
Union through the Ages (Jaggar)
received by MxF Memorial Library
United Nations. See also San Francisco Conference; Washington Conversations on International Organization
use of DO grounds by
for rubber situation meetings
Sweeney on
terrace outside of Orangery and
United States Department of Agriculture
books on history and evolution of cultivated plants at
Graduate School, books from DO Garden Library used in course by
Guayule test plot at SBBG of
IMS receives list from Sweeney
library book list sent to BF by Sweeney
Sweeney explains why sending
negatives of tree pictures from
as plant picture source
Sweeney registered for course at
Sweeney visit to Monticello and
Trees, The Yearbook of Agriculture, 1949
received by MxF Memorial Library
United States Department of Forestry
as flower picture source
as plant picture source
United States Department of State. See also Washington Conversations on International Organization
Aug. 1944 conference at DO and
loathe to remove its effects from DO
Mrs. Sheldon's appeal for visa to England and
rubber situation meetings at DO and
United States Department of the Interior
young oaks from Princeton Nurseries for
United States Forest Service
Sweeney's garden talk notes about
United States Government Defense program
Horneman's hope for work with
United States Office of Naval Intelligence
Blisses refuse DO visit by Italian aviators and
The universal herbal; or, Botanical, medical, and agricultural dictionary (Green)
marked XX (good)
Universities (clients of BF)
bulb orders during World War II for
Oregon Bulb stock providing pleasure at
Oregon Bulb stock satisfactory at
talk on landscaping at, as potential lecture for Harvard/Fogg Museum
University of California
collaboration with SBBG and
Reef Point disposition and
University of California, Berkeley
estate of BF and
Landscape Architecture Dept. head to visit DO
BF inquiry on
inquiry by
welcome to study BF's plans, photographs, etc.
Reef Point library and prints received at
description of scope of
University of Chicago
BF consulting for
1938, Oct. visit
1941, Nov. visit
1942, April meeting went well
1942, Nov. visit
1943, Nov. visit
1944, Oct. visit
1946, seeing Patterson and
BF inquiry to Oregon Bulb Farms on bulb orders for
planting record book of
University of Edinburgh
seeds from Reef Point Gardens for
University of Maine
commending Reef Point Gardens
Department of Entomology, Reef Point Gardens and
plants given by Reef Point Gardens to
Reef Point herbarium and
support for Reef Point Library by
University of Virginia Library
visit to
University of Washington
seeds from Reef Point Gardens for
Updike, Berkeley
Casa Dorinda visit by
death of
remembrances of
MB sends greetings to
pleased with work done for DO by
publication of first DO Paper and
visiting Farrands after MxF's surgery
Upon the gardens of Epicurus; or, Of gardening in the year 1685 (Temple)
marked X (fair)
Upton Gardens
account of payment to
account to Harvard of payment to
Aquilegia coerulea seeds
Urformen der Kunst. Photographische Pflanzenbilder (Blossfeldt)
in DO Garden Library
in DO Rare Book Room 1941
Feb. 1949 list
June 1949 list
in Sweeney's office
Urn Terrace or Garden. See also Box Terrace; Terrace B
bank on south side of terrace
with blooming Magnolia
column and replica
mock-up for
with gravel center
magnolia blooming
measurement of stairs at northeast corner
with Mexican beach pebbles
paths for
photograph of
for Landscape Architecture article
measurement of stairs at northeast corner
for postcard
showing baroque pebble design, as representative of DO gardens
view east from Beech Terrace
view north
view northeast
view northwest
view of southeast corner
view of southwest corner with steps to Orangery
view south
planting plans
plantings for
plantings on, p.35
stairs from Box Walk
steps at south end of Box Walk
steps to Orangery
tablet for center of balustrade
vase and column
walls for
urns. See also terra cotta, urns
removed from DO parking space
south of front door, to be raised
Ursinia anethoides
seeds invoice
seeds order
for greenhouse
Ursula Pariser
photographs by
The useful family herbal…
received by MxF Memorial Library
Uvularia grandiflora
P. H. No. 331
Uvularia perfoliata
P. H. No. 332