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Yale University
Art School lectures at
BF arranging Van Rensselaer visit to
BF consulting for
chief contact visiting in Calif.
before fall term begins
fall work for
Farnam and
increased demands of
in June
in late Dec./early Jan.
in May 1944
Nov. 1941 visit
Nov. 1942 visit
Guignard's U.S. visit as Focillon Fellow of the French Government and
interest in future of DO by
planting record book of
Ye sundial booke (Henslow)
marked X (fair)
Yeager, Florence
A year in a Lancashire garden (Bright)
in DO Garden Library
Feb. 1949 list
June 1949 list
Sept. 1948
Yellin, Samuel
MB dissatisfied with iron railing plans by
Yew Hedge
steps from Byzantine Garden to
to be removed for Arbor Garden
box bush-type, as service entrance screen
at cross-gates of herbaceous border
at entrance steps
for hedge
in Herb Garden
not to be replanted
replacements ordered
size of replacements
as hedge in herbaceous border
BF on replacement of
in herbaceous border
postcard of
Irish, photograph of
for Landscape Architecture article
for postcard
nursery for starting replacements for
for R Street border
removed, and cutting started
Sweeney welcoming talk references to
York, England, scented garden for the blind in
Yorke, Maurice
helpfulness of notes on Rhododendrons by
as previous owner of Millais' Rhododendrons
Young, James, Mrs.
Young, Matilda
Young, Mr.
DO transfer to Harvard and continued work in shop by
Young, Murray, Mrs.
rain water tank of, moved to Reef Point Gardens
Yurka, Blanche
contacted for DO garden visits by