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Zaccone, Pierre
Nouveau langage des fleurs…
received by MxF Memorial Library
Zach, Leonard
DO Garden Advisory Committee and
Zagorsh Monastery, Russia
sending photographs for Ross's Byzantine enamels book
Catalogue House display panel on
spelling of
Zanthorrhiza apiifolia. See also Xanthoriza apiifolia
in Catalogue House display Oct. 4, 1941
in the Copse
Crabapple Hill
in the Orchard
on path from Orchard Hill to herbaceous border, p.45
S. D. No. 117
Zanthoxylon americanum
T.D. No. 111
Zanthoxylon fraxineum
T.D. No. 110
Zanthusma texanum. See also Xanthisma texanum
seeds, invoice for
De zegerpaslende Vecht… (Visscher)
Zeitlin & Ver Brugge Booksellers
first edition of Gerard's Herball offered by
Zenobia speciosa pulverulenta
S. D. No. 118
Zephyranthes tubispatha
plants wanted from Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh
for Casa Dorinda spring
Haageana seeds
Haageana seeds, invoice for
K. K. seeds
3 varieties
Crimson, Canary Yellow, White
Lilliput seeds
3 varieties
Crimson Gem, Yellow, White
Linearis seeds
as native North American flower
various, west wall panels
Zinnia elegans
Ann. No. 90 (single flower)
Ann. No. 91 (large flowered types)
Ann. No. 92 (various kinds)
right angle panels
Zocchi, Giuseppe
Scelta di XXIV vedute delle principali contrade, piazze, chiese, e palazzi della cittá di Firenze
June 1949 list
Rosenthal offering excellent copy of
Vedute delle ville, e d'altri luoghi della Toscana
BF suggests for DO Garden Library
to compare with Harvard Landscape Library
DO has copy of
marked XX (good)
Rosenthal offering excellent copy of
Staack's copy collated at Reef Point and recommended to DO
suggested for DO
Zodiac Court. See also Star Garden
source of inscription on
acquired at NY flower show