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10,000 garden questions answered (Rockwell)
ordered from Fiedler
ordered from Mass. Hort. Library
28th Street house, Blisses'
agenda for May 1944 BF visit regarding?
arbor for
design of
location of
BF on success in interior arrangements for
bulbs for
Bryce wanting BF to consult MB on
wait until fall to consult with
garden for
to be discussed at DO visit with MB
BF and RH meeting on details for
BF misunderstanding desire for open space at
BF wants to simplify plan for
blueprint for BF of
flat bird pool in Doria stone for
open space in
plan has arrived, will be reviewed
plan reworked
plan sent to BF
raising hedge around, sketches for
gates for Q St. side, sketches for
gazebo for
on blueprint
location and design for
house promising but uninhabitable for a month
tiresomeness of
review of BF and Bryce thoughts on changes to
winter flowers for, satisfactory or need to change?
31st Street entrance. See also East entrance drive
magnolias at
MB on iron railings from Lovers' Lane to
plantings from entrance gate to Terrior Column, p.19
32nd Street. See also service entrance
box hedges and
closed to public
new, sketches for, to be discussed with MB
repainting of sign for visitors at
exit, study to be made of moving from R St. to
Garden center to be built on
gates, decision on finials for
inscription on wall of
changes to
new Havey sketches for
MB reviews plans for gates and wall along
planting on
near west facade of new sculpture gallery
plant lists for
wall from kitchen entrance gate to JT's entrance gate, p.22
wings on, new wing and
1001 Garden Questions Answered (Hottes)
received by MxF Memorial Library