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Anne Baker

Baker, Anne

Anne Baker worked in Beatrix Farrand's landscape gardening office from 1924 to 1938. Although her title was "assistant to Mrs. Farrand," Baker served as the chief designer in the practice, and she handed out assignments to Farrand's other employees, including Ruth Havey and Margaret H. Bailie. An accomplished landscape gardener and draftswoman in her own right, Baker also ran a small practice of her own, with permission, from Farrand's address. However, the drawings and designs she realized while working for Farrand are attributed to her employer, so none of the works contained in the Garden Archives bear Baker's signature. Many of the drawings and notes generated by Beatrix Farrand's office lack direct attribution to Farrand herself, often because she worked busily and did not sign every piece of paper that crossed her desk. Although designers were assigned to certain garden projects, they received direct instruction from Beatrix Farrand. For this reason, unidentified works that depict Farrand's designs for Dumbarton Oaks are attributed to Farrand.

A few correspondence exist between Anne Baker and Mildred Bliss, primarily discussing the construction of the dedication plaque created to honor Beatrix Farrand. Ruth Havey worked on this inscription and it was installed in the balustrade of the Green Garden in 1935.



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