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Beatrice Ashley Chanler

Chanler, Beatrice

Beatrice "Minnie" Ashley Chanler was born in 1878 and became an stage actress, singer and dancer. In 1902, she married William Astor Chanler, a grandson of John Jacob Astor. Following her marriage, she left the stage because the stage lights were affecting her eyesight, but soon was raising her two sons, William Astor Chanler (1904-2002) and Sidney Ashley Chanler (1907-1994). After 7 years together, Beatrice separated with her husband in 1909. In December 1916, a group of philanthropists (including her ex-husband) purchased Château de Chavaniac, the home of General Lafayette, for the French Heroes Lafayette Memorial Fund. Beatrice Ashley managed the memorial fund and wanted to transform it into a philanthropic center for those affected by World War I.  She died June 19, 1946.



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