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Blackmore & Langdon (Firm)

Blackmore & Langdon (Firm)

James Barret Blackmore, born in 1854 and Charles Frederick Langdon, born in 1868 met while exhibiting their prize begonias at the Bath Flower Show. A friendship led to a business partnership in 1901 when they opened the horticultural firm of Blackmore & Langdon. The men first specialized in breeding begonias and delphiniums then expanded to include aquilegia, canna  lilies, carnations, cyclamen, gloxinias, lilies of the valley, michaelmas daisies, pholyanthus, phlox, roses, and violets. Over the years, the firm has exhibited their plants at major flower shows and has received many awards.

The family of James Blackmore continued to be involved in the business for two generations, but the family of Charles Langdon continues four generations later. As of 2015, the great grandsons of Charles Langdon, Simon, Stephen and Nicholas Langdon continue to manage the business for John and Rosemary Langdon who are retired.

In 1943, Beatrix Farrand ordered Delphinium seed from Blackmore & Langdon to be sent to James Bryce, the Superintendent of Gardens, for the Dumbarton Oaks Gardens, Washington, D.C., C3:Blackmore & Langdon 1943.11.08.



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