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Bobbink & Atkins (Nursery)

Bobbink & Atkins

The Bobbink & Atkins nursery was founded outside of Rutherford, New Jersey by Lambertus Bobbink and F.L. Atkins in 1898. Bobbink launched the business using his connections to Dutch nurseries, which provided the first stock that Bobbink & Atkins sold from their warehouse. The nursery continued importing plants as well as growing on site. In 1911, Bobbink & Atkins successfully grew the first crop of budded Hybrid Tea Roses in the United States. From there, they became well known for their rose offerings, which included many rare and old-fashioned varieties. Bobbink & Atkins also prided themselves on the style of their plant and seed catalogs, which began printing in 1900 with woodcut illustrations. At the time of their fiftieth anniversary in 1948, they celebrated the addition of fine colored illustrations in the modern catalogs.



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