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Charles W. Traylen (Firm)

Charles W. Traylen (Firm)

Charles W. Traylen was an antiquarian bookseller operating out of Guildford, Surrey, England during the time that Mildred Bliss and Beatrix Farrand were building up the Dumbarton Oaks Garden Library. During his eighty years in business, Traylen was considered one of the most powerful bookdealers in Britain. Traylen also authored a number of volumes himself, including Books Published in England During the Seventeenth Century (1953) and Surrey as it was One Hundred Years Ago (1956). In 1959, Traylen bought the Castle House in Guildford and moved his bookselling business to that site. He worked every day until his death in 2002. The business continues under his son, Nigel Traylen.



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