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Claude S. Kennerly

Claude Saugrin Kennerly (1869-1963) was a St. Louis native. Early in life, he worked as a traveling salesman, and in 1904 could be found in the Lincoln Trust building in downtown St. Louis. In 1904, he married Edith Collins (1876-1945), who was the much-beloved niece of Anna Dorinda Blakesley Barnes Bliss. When Edith was a baby, her mother died, and Anna Blakesley became like a mother to her. The Kennerly's named their first born daughter Dorinda in her honor.

In 1918, Anna Dorinda Bliss was constructing her mansion, Casa Dorinda, in Santa Barbara, CA. She contacted the Kennerlys and offered to purchase a house for them adjoining her property, so that Claude and Edith could winter in California rather than St. Louis. The family agreed, and Bliss purchased a tract of land north of Casa Dorinda, called La Casa Bonita. The Kennerlys maintained their home at 28 Portland Place in St. Louis (also constructed in 1918) and spent many years traveling west to La Casa Bonita. When Anna Dorinda Bliss died in 1936, the Kennerlys still owned their stretch of property, and Claude Kennerly helped to oversee some of the work Mildred Bliss commissioned for Casa Dorinda after her mother's death. The Kennerly's daughters each received a $100,000 inheritance from their great-aunt's vast estate.



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