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Conard-Pyle Co.

Conard-Pyle Co.

A nursery specializing in the cultivation and hybridization of roses established in 1897 and based in West Grove, Pennsylvannia. The company was founded by Alfred Conard, Antoine Wintzer, and S. Morris Jones as the Conard and Jones Company. The three men owned adjoining land which provided a space for the growing operation, and Antoine Wintzer was the head nurseryman. In 1898, Robert L. Pyle invested in the company and following Alfred Conard's death in 1906, bought his share in the company later changing the name to Conard-Pyle Company. What began as a small retail and mail order seed and nursery business evolved into an influential large-scale nursery operation focusing on the development and patent of new rose varieties. Conard-Pyle Co. is credited with the development of the Star Roses, trademarking the name in 1908. Dumbarton Oaks purchased Star Roses as well as other roses for planting in the garden from the Conard-Pyle Co.



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