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Jacques Androuet Du Cerceau, the elder

Born approximately 1515, Jacques Androuet du Cerceau was a draftsman, engraver, and designer. He was referred to as an architect and even served as architecte du roi, or architect to the king, but he is best remembered for the engravings he produced beginning in 1549. His engravings of French châteaux and gardens often documented designs he admired but did not create. He operated a printshop based in Orléans, and the works he printed greatly influenced the movement known as Northern Mannerism (16th and early 17th centuries).

Three of du Cerceau's works are held in the Rare Book Collection at Dumbarton Oaks. His print of the arbor from the Château de Montargis probably influenced Beatrix Farrand and Mildred Bliss, and later Ruth Havey, in designing the arbor for the Arbor Terrace at Dumbarton Oaks.



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