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Beatrix Farrand to Anne Sweeney, November 11, 1949

Accession number B:BF 1949.11.11
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Letter discussing new book acquisitions for the Dumbarton Oaks library that should be arriving soon. Beatrix Farrand suspects the new books will go into the Founders' Room. She plans to travel from Reef Point, Bar Harbor, Maine to Santa Barbara and end up at the Valley Club of Montecito, Montecito, California at the end of November and stay until mid-March.

Recent book acquisitions include: Henry John Elwes', A monograph of the genus Lilium; Aylmer Bourke Lambert's, A description of the genus Pinus; William Rickatson Dyke's, Genus Iris; Jacques Rigaud's, Recueil choisi des plus belles cues des palais (prints); a German book on the imperial Schloss of Augsburg; a book on Versailles, and a collection of designs by Michel Le Bouteux titled, Plans et designs nouveaux de jardinage du Sr le Bouteux.

Written on Beatrix Farrand letterhead with San Marino address crossed out and corrected with "Reef Point, Bar Harbor, Maine."

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Dumbarton Oaks
libraries (institutions)
rare books
Russell, Ellis
Bliss, Mildred, 1879-1969
Valley Club of Montecito (Montecito, Calif.)
Santa Barbara (inhabited place)
Walter, Clementine
Elwes, Henry John, 1846-1922. Monograph of the genus Lilium
Lambert, Aylmer Bourke, 1761-1842. Description of the genus Pinus
Rigaud, Jacques, 1681-1754. Recueil choisi des plus belles vues des palais.
Le Bouteux, Michel, active 18th century. Plans et dessins nouveaux de jardinage du Sr le Bouteux
letters (correspondence)
Dykes, William Rickatson, 1877-1925. Genus Iris
Mortain, Gilles de, active 18th century. Plans, profils, et elevations, des ville, et château de Versailles, avec les bosquets, et fontines, tells quils sont a present


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