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Beatrix Farrand to Jan de Graaff, Oregon Bulb Farms, July 16, 1942
Beatrix Farrand
Jan de Graaff
Oregon Bulb Farms
Date Written
Garden Area

Letter discussing bulbs for the National Picture Gallery [National Gallery of Art], bulbs for James Bryce at Dumbarton Oaks, bulbs for the cottage at Santa Barbara where she and Max Farrand go for the winter, and bulbs at Reef Point, Bar Harbor, Maine. Beatrix Farrand mentions that despite university cuts and the drastic economy, it has remained a priority to plant the early bulbs for the students and visitors.

Unsigned, probably by Beatrix Farrand based on related correspondence.

Enclosed with original letter was a list of the bulbs possibly needed for the National Gallery of Art. List no longer with letter.

Written on copy in upper right corner in pencil, "Dealer."

Copy or original; original lacking in collection.

Title created by cataloger.

Accession No.
C10:BF 1942.07.16
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bulbs (plants)
Narcissus bulbs
National Gallery of Art (U.S.)
Dumbarton Oaks Gardens (Washington, D.C.)
Bliss, Mildred, 1879-1969
Bliss, Robert Woods, 1875-1962
Bryce, James
Santa Barbara (inhabited place)
Reef Point Gardens (Bar Harbor, Me.)
Iris (genus)
Valley Club of Montecito (Montecito, Calif.)
letters (correspondence)
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Dumbarton Oaks Garden Archives
Dumbarton Oaks Research Library, Rare Book Collection
Dumbarton Oaks, Washington (D.C.)
Index Terms
Narcissus or Narcissi → Comrade, at Reef Point
Bliss, Mildred and Robert (Milrob) → bulbs for → DO growing daffodils for
Bryce, James → bulb orders for Blisses → daffodils for DO and
Farrand, Beatrix → daffodil order for personal use by
Iris reticulata, for Reef Point
Ixiolirion pallassii → at Reef Point?
Narcissus or Narcissi → Marmora → at Reef Point
Narcissus or Narcissi → May Maloney, at Reef Point
Narcissus or Narcissi → Poldhu, at Reef Point
Narcissus or Narcissi → Primrose Girl, at Reef Point
Narcissus or Narcissi → Snowdrift, at Reef Point
Narcissus or Narcissi → Stateliness, at Reef Point
Narcissus or Narcissi → Sublime, at Reef Point
Narcissus or Narcissi → Tenedos, at Reef Point
Narcissus bulbocodium, for Reef Point
Narcissus lobularia, at Reef Point?
Narcissus minimus, at Reef Point
Narcissus minor, at Reef Point
Narcissus moschatus, at Reef Point?
Narcissus nanus, at Reef Point
Oregon Bulb Farms → daffodil order for DO → and for growing for Blisses
Reef Point (Gardens) → daffodils for → order placed
Universities (clients of BF) → bulb orders during World War II for
winter home, Farrand's → at Valley Club of Montecito, Calif. → potential daffodil order for
Narcissus leedsii → at Reef Point