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Beatrix Farrand to Mildred Bliss, July 11, 1949 (2)

Accession number B:BF 1949.07.11C
Garden Area
North Vista
Superintendent’s Cottage
Fellows’ Quarters and Yard
Cool House
Director’s House and Terrace
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Letter discusses she has spoken to Robert Patterson about "Oakdom" designs. She mentions the location of the Garden Center library building and tells Mildred Bliss that the planning and placing of the building is the first question and until that is planned, placed, and fairly well decided, she can not "see" the plans for the North Vista. She relates that Robert Patterson has told her that the garage is being remodeled into the Director's House.

Written on Beatrix Farrand letterhead for San Marino, California address. Address crossed out and replaced with Reef Point, Bar Harbor, Maine. Hand signed "Trix" by Beatrix Farrand.

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Patterson, Robert W. (1905-1988)
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Dumbarton Oaks Gardens (Washington, D.C.)
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Reef Point Gardens (Bar Harbor, Me.)
Bliss, Robert Woods, 1875-1962
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