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Beatrix Farrand to Robert and Mildred Bliss, August 19, 1949

Accession number B:BF 1949.08.19B
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Aerogram discusses she has hung the pictures of Le Pavillon Columbe and Dumbarton Oaks that the Blisses sent to her. Le Pavillon Colombe was a home in St. Brice-sous Foret, Seine-et-Oise (currently known as Val d'Oise), France that was once owned by Edith Wharton, aunt to Beatrix Farrand.

Beatrix Farrand mentions that little work is going to be done on the Cool House for the Garden Center library until the Blisses return to Dumbarton Oaks as Robert Patterson does not seem to have any instructions. She comments on Mildred Bliss' visit to Reef Point as being quite profitable.

Hand signed by Isabelle M. Stover on behalf of Beatrix Farrand.

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