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Inscription lettering, south wall under arbor (4)

Accession number GD P-3-28C
Alternative title esto loco sognaro
Garden Area
Arbor Terrace
1954 - 1956
14.5 x 64.7 cm (5.7 x 25.5 inches)
positive photostat print with additional lines and writing in graphite
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Inscription originally located on a west wall panel with the book box under the arbor. Moved to the south wall of the arbor under the direction of Ruth Havey.

Italian inscription dedicated to Gelasio B.A. Caetani, the Italian ambassador to the United States from 1922 to 1924, who was a close friend of the Blisses. The text is a quotation of lines 139-141 of Canto XXVIII of Dante's Purgatorio.

The lettering of the inscription was taken from the Caetani family's manuscript of Dante's work.

Caroline Phillips, a friend of the Blisses, suggested Dante's quotation for the inscription according to correspondence B:CP 1933.07.09.

Drawing undated, created between 1954-1956 based on a Havey correspondence discussing the lead lettering L:RH 1956.08.12.

Two pieces joined together.

Written in lower right corner in pencil: "This is an enlargement of part of the last line of the inscription. R.M.H. (Please return to N.Y. office)."

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