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Fountain Terrace, measurement photo, bench with lead hood

Accession number GP 18-51
Garden Area
Fountain Terrace
Terrace D
1926 - 1932
3.5 x 4.5 inches
gelatin silver print with added grease pencil marking
Work types
black & white photographs
photographic prints


Beatrix Farrand and her office staff contributed drawings for the design of the Fountain Terrace bench and canopy.

Copy A: 7.5 x 9.5 inches, sepia tone no border. On verso: Typewritten label: Accession no. 40.64 [crossed out and replaced with] 18.51, Rose Garden [crossed out and replace with] "Fountain Terrace" on label. "Fountain Terrace" also written above label ; "Measurement photo, bench, w/ lead hood." Handwritten in pencil: "Fountain Terrace measurement photo, bench, w/lead hood" ; "#20 C.D. steps-suggestion needed for stone seat, size of seat in photograph M[eters] 1.06 high- or 3'5" f[ee]t; M[eters] 2.11 wide or 6'11" f[ee]t" ; "Bench W. lead hood- Rose Garden." Upper right corner in grease pencil: "B-136."

Copy B: 8.0 x 10.0 inches, black border. On verso: Handwritten label: "Fountain Terrace. Measurement photo, bench w/lead hood."

Undated, probably taken between 1926, when drawings for the bench and canopy were created and 1932, based on date range of a similar photograph of the bench was taken, GP 18-25.


benches (furniture)
seats (furniture components)
measurements (dimensions)
canopies (structural elements)
baldachins (canopies)
steps (stair units)
stone (worked rock)
black-and-white photographs


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