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A message regarding the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

Posted On February 22, 2023 | 09:31 am | by briggsm01 | Permalink

On behalf of the research and learning community at Dumbarton Oaks, I extend my greatest sympathies to the people of Turkey and Syria, cradles of the Byzantine civilization, following the devastating earthquakes on February 6, 2023. Like many, we have been following the news of this horrifying crisis. As the days have gone by, the number of lives taken too soon has increased, and unsettling stories of tragedy and anguish have remained constant. We remain focused on the hope of survival.

Those who wish to support humanitarian relief should consider supporting vetted organizations actively working to bolster relief efforts. 

Our hearts and minds are with those who have lost family and friends, those who are injured, first responders and rescue teams, our colleagues who live and work in the region, and all who are working to support this area in the aftermath.

Thomas B. F. Cummins, PhD
Director, Dumbarton Oaks
Dumbarton Oaks Professor of the History of Pre-Columbian and Colonial Art 
Department of the History of Art and Architecture, Harvard University