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Digital Humanities Informal Talk: Perry Hewitt

Posted On July 02, 2012 | 16:56 pm | by lisaw | Permalink

In the three years since Perry Hewitt became the Chief Digital Officer at Harvard University she has revitalized the university’s online and digital presence. On Friday, June 15 Perry gave a talk to Dumbarton Oaks staff and interns about the role of social media and digital trends at Harvard. Perry spoke about the challenges of the constantly changing digital landscape, and the delicate balance between control and influence in providing open access to an ever wider array of resources. Mobile devices have revolutionized the media industry, and social apps have come to define institutions’ online identities. The creation, preservation, and dissemination of knowledge remain central to all of the university’s digital efforts. Following Perry’s presentation, Dumbarton Oaks staff presented various initiatives in the field of digital humanities and social media, from the ongoing digitization of 17,000 Byzantine seals to intern and project blogs.