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Media mentions of Dumbarton Oaks



  • May 24: Mention, "In the galleries" (Washington Post)
  • April 30: Mention, "8 Secret Spots In D.C. Where You Can Escape The Crowds" (The Travel)
  • April 19: Mention, "Seven Secret Spots To See The Wisteria Vines Around Washington, D.C. In Peak Bloom" (Secret DC)
  • April 17: Mention, "Five Things" (Kid Friendly DC)
  • April 5: Mention, "Lush Gardens to Tour Around DC This Spring and Summer" (Washingtonian)
  • March 18: Article, "A Walk in the Park" (The Georgetown Dish)
  • March 6: Mention, "12 Best Cherry Blossom Spots to Avoid Crowds" (Washingtonian)
  • March: Article, "Mysterious Minis" (Harvard Magazine)
  • January 24: Review of Rich in Blessings, "Best Bets for Jan. 25–31" (Washington City Paper)
  • January 18: Mention, "These Underrated and Smaller DC Museums Pack a Big Punch" (Thrillist)
  • January 12: Mention, "15 BEST Things to do in Georgetown, Washington, DC" (Destinationless Travel)


  • December 5: Article, "Gardens at Dumbarton Oaks are a Study in Sturdy Design" (Bay Journal)
  • October 8: Exhibition of Photos from the Dumbarton Oaks Archives, "New View of Historic Cyprus Church" (CyprusMail)
  • July 14: Review of Brier Patch, "In the Galleries: Installation has Lessons on Education, Inclusivity" (Washington Post)
  • June 30: Mention, "Art Shines in Washington, D.C., This Summer. Here Are Four Ways to Make the Most of the Cultural Highlights" (Artnet)
  • June 29: Mention, "Past Imperfect" (Landscape Architecture Magazine)
  • June 4: Mention, "The Landscapes of the Black Atlantic World (Part I)" (The American Society of Landscape Architects)
  • April 11: Podcast, "The Katsura at Dumbarton Oaks" (This Old Tree with Doug Still)
  • March 27: Profile, "Dumbarton Oaks” (DC Historic Sites/ DC Preservation League)
  • March 21: Article, "Cultivating the History of Place" (Mellon Foundation)
  • March 3: Mention, "20 Spots To See Cherry Blossoms That AREN’T The Tidal Basin" (DCist)
  • March 2: Mention, "7 Less-Crowded Places to See Cherry Blossoms" (Arlington Magazine)
  • February 28: Mention, "Exploring Georgetown: 10 Things To Do In The Historic Neighborhood Of Washington D.C." (The Travel)
  • January 26: Art Installation Review, "Dumbarton Oaks’ ‘Brier Patch’ Explores Education, Nature, Equality" (The Georgetowner)
  • January 26: Mention for Brier Patch, "Best Things to Do in the DC Area 1/26-1/29" (Washingtonian)


  • December 7: Publications Reviews, Pre-Columbia\n Art from Central America and Colombia at Dumbarton Oaks and Pre-Columbian Central America, Colombia, and Ecuador: Toward an Integrated Approach (College Art Association)
  • November 22: Article, "Dumbarton Oaks, According to Dr. Batsaki," (The Georgetowner)
  • November 22: Podcast Appearance, "80. Diagrams: from sundials to the schematics of the Trinity, with Linda Safran" (Byzantium & Friends)
  • November 3: Article, "The Power of Plants" (Harvard Magazine)
  • October 20: Podcast Appearance, "79. The enduring power of ancient statues in Constantinople, with Paroma Chatterjee" (Byzantium & Friends)
  • September 20: Article, "Cultivating History: The Plant Humanities at Dumbarton Oaks" (Perspectives on History)
  • August 18: Mention, "In the Driver’s Seat: A Long Weekend in Washington, D.C." (Harper's Bazaar)
  • March 7: Article, "User’s Guide to Dumbarton Oaks in the Spring" (The Georgetown Metropolitan)
  • February 16: Mention, "Top 5 Places To Go in Washington DC to See Flowers" (Great Work Life)


  • August 17: Article, "How a Pioneering Garden Designer Inspired Vogue’s Fall Fashion Fantasy" (Vogue)
  • August 3: Article, "How Plants Have Influenced Human Societies" (Harvard Gazette)
  • April 22: Publications Review, Catalogue of Byzantine Seals at Dumbarton Oaks and in the Fogg Museum of Art, Volume 7 (Coins Weekly)
  • April 7: Article, "Groundbreakers" (Washington Post Magazine)


  • June 9: Exhibit Review, "Dumbarton Oaks Museum Presents Botanical Painter Margaret Mee" (The Georgetown Dish)
  • May-June: Exhibit Review, "An Amazon Artist: Botanical bounty at Dumbarton Oaks" (Harvard Magazine)


  • October 4: Article, "Dumbarton Oaks To Add New Greenhouse, Renovate Another" (The Hoya)


  • November 15: Article, "‘I Vowed I Would End My Career at Dumbarton Oaks’" (byGeorge)


  • September 22: Recorded Presentation, "Making a Masterpiece: The Royal Inca Tunic at Dumbarton Oaks" (Yale University Art Gallery)
  • September 1: Mention, "25 Places To Take Out-Of-Town Visitors When They’re Done With The Mall" (DCist)
  • June 29: Mention, "Art Lover’s Guide to Washington, D.C." (Fodor's Travel)
  • June 16: Publication Review, "In Pursuit of an Heiress" (London Review of Books)
  • May 31: Article, "With re-creation of 1500s garden, a reminder of when herb knowledge was a survival tool" (Washington Post)
  • May 25: Mention, "" (Washington Post)
  • May 4: Publication Review, "‘Letters of a Dead Man’: A travel guide like no other" (Washington Post)
  • Mention, "Seals" (Oxford Bibliographies Online)
  • March 10: Mention, "A guide to the must-see artworks in D.C." (Washington Post)
  • March 8: Article, "Hidden in Plain Sight: Dumbarton Oaks Museum" (Brightest Young Things)
  • Award of Merit in Institutional Architecture, Dumbarton Oaks Fellowship House (American Institute of Architects Northern Virginia Chapter)


  • November: Publication Review, "Modernism's Missing" (Landscape Architecture Magazine)
  • October 5: Concert Review, "The Knights Charge Into Dumbarton Oaks" (Washington Post)
  • September 6: Leadership Recognition. Director Jan Ziolkowski elected to the Academia Europaea, Humanities Class: Literary and Theatrical Studies.
  • July 28: Mention, "Visit D.C.’s Best Off-the-Beaten-Path Historic Homes and Gardens" (Smithsonian Magazine)
  • July 14: Publication Review, "Embattled Bodies, Embattled Places: War in Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica and The Andes" (American Journal of Biological Anthropology)
  • May 27: Musician Recognition, "Matthew Aucoin, Opera’s Great 25-Year-Old Hope" (New York Times Magazine)
  • May 18: Publication Review, "Laonikos Chalkokondyles; A New Herodotos" (Bryn Mawr Classical Review)
  • May/June: Article, "Wrestling at Every Moment: A young composer, finding his next notes" (Harvard Magazine)
  • North American Copper in Architecture Award, Dumbarton Oaks Fellowship House (Copper Development Association)
  • April/May: Mention, "50 Reasons We Love the South Now" (Garden & Gun)
  • April 13: Mention, "Enjoying the Cherry Blossoms on Land and Water" (The Georgetowner)
  • April 1: Article, "The Marvelous Millie B." (Huffington Post)
  • March 31: Article, "Introducing Athena Ruby, Dumbarton Oaks’ New Font for Byzantine Inscriptions" (Inscriptions in Byzantium and Beyond)
  • March 1: Article, "Revitalizing an estate" (Professional Roofing)
  • February 6: Publication Review, "The Old English Poems of Cynewulf" (The Medieval Review)
  • January 27: Article, "For the seed-loving gardener spring starts now" (Washington Post)


  • December 8: Concert Review, "Vocal Ensemble Kitka brings songs of old eastern Europe to Dumbarton Oaks" (Washington Post)
  • October 7: Article, "Dumbarton Oaks Fêtes New Programs and Spaces" (Harvard Magazine)
  • September 25: Publication Review, "Albrecht Berger, Accounts of Medieval Constantinople: The Patria" (Bryn Mawr Classical Review)
  • July 7: Blog Post, "The Saints' Lives and the Mission of the Francises" (Harvard University Press Blog)
  • July: Publication Review, "The Virgil Encyclopedia (3 vols.)" (Bryn Mawr Classical Review)
  • June 30: Article, "The Architect’s Eye: Dumbarton Oaks" (Architectural Digest)
  • June: Publication Review, "Merchants, Markets, and Exchange in the Pre-Columbian World" (Journal of Field Archaeology)
  • June 28: Article, "The story of a lady and her unicorn, a statue on the move at Dumbarton Oaks" (Washington Post)
  • June 24: Publication Review, "Asinou across Time" (Bryn Mawr Classical Review)
  • June 15: Article, "Dumbarton Oaks, The Museum" (The Georgetown Dish)
  • June 2: Mention, "Great gardens of America: in pics" (The Telegraph)
  • May 21: Mention, "Top 5 Places to Go in DC Without Feeling like a Tourist" (Travelers Today)
  • May 20: Blog Post, "Cool History – Reader Finds Tombstones for Horses Buried at Dumbarton Oaks (PoPville)
  • April 7: Concert Review, "Baroque ensemble REBEL provides expert introduction to overlooked composers" (Washington Post)
  • April: Interview, "Bright Young Librarians: Sarah Burke Cahalan" (Fine Books & Collections Magazine)
  • January/February: Article, "A Poet’s March of Ages" (Harvard Magazine)
  • January 13: Article, "Stone figure at Dumbarton Oaks has intriguing back story – and ties to Indiana Jones" (Washington Post)


  • TDC Typeface Design Winner, Athena Ruby
  • December 10: Radio Mention, "Family Fun For Winter Break" (The Kojo Nnamdi Show, WAMU 88.5FM)
  • November 21: Book Review, "Storms Over Byzantium" (New York Review of Books)
  • November 11: Concert Review, "Joel Fan, an often-eclectic American painist, sticks to the romantics at Dumbarton Oaks" (Washington Post)
  • November/December: Publication Review, "Centuries of Flowers" (Harvard Magazine)
  • October 15: Book Chapter written by President Bill Clinton, "Dumbarton Oaks, Washington, D.C.," (City Parks: Public Spaces, Private Thoughts)
  • October 8: Concert Review, "Concert review: The Knights display deeply committed musicmaking skills" (Washington Post)
  • September 13: Blog post written by Martha Stewart, "A Visit To Dumbarton Oaks In Washington DC" (The Martha Blog)
  • August 15: Artist Profile, "Next Progressives: Andy Cao and Xavier Perrot" (Architect Magazine)
  • June 12: Video Post, "Video Wednesday: Dumbarton Oaks Sparkles" (Washington Gardener)
  • February 28: Article, "Cloud terrace and other works put Dumbarton's gardens in a new light" (Washington Post)
  • January 14: Concert Review, "Quicksilver offers night of discoveries at Dumbarton Oaks" (Washington Post
  • Alfred H. Barr Jr. Award WinnerAncient Maya Art at Dumbarton Oaks (College Art Association)


  • November 29: Radio Mention, "Shaping The City: Washington’s Landscapes" (The Kojo Nnamdi Show, WAMU 88.5FM)
  • November 5: Concert Review, "Alessio Bax's piano barrages, alternately expressive and exhausting" (Washington Post)
  • June 16: Article and Radio Story, "Reflective Art Brings Light, Color To Historic Spaces" (NPR)
  • April 23: Concert Review, "A Far Cry at Dumbarton Oaks in Georgetown" (Washington Post)
  • April 19: Mention, "Flora to Fawn Over" (Washington Post)


  • January 21: Mention, "Top 10 Gardens" (National Geographic)