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Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Library

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Old English Editorial Board Meeting

The Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Library (DOML) published its sixth Old English volume this fall, and has half a dozen more projects underway. Members of the Old English Editorial Board gathered in the Founders’ Room of Dumbarton Oaks on Friday, November 8 to consider the future of Old English within DOML. Series Editor Daniel Donoghue led the day-long meeting, which was attended by DOML General Editor, and Director of Dumbarton Oaks, Jan Ziolkowski, and board members Andy Orchard, Katherine O’Brien O’Keeffe, Drew Jones, Toni diPaolo Healey, and Robert Fulk. Members voted to invite Susan Irvine (University College London) and Peter Baker (The University of Virginia) to join the board, and in so doing increased the total membership from eight to nine. Elizabeth Tyler, though not present, contributed valuable comments on pending proposals. The board resolved to craft a refined mission statement to guide prospective translators as the Old English series completes its remaining poetry volumes. Individual works by individual authors, and significant complete manuscripts will be preferred over works collected thematically. All present were eager to see versions A and E of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle appear in DOML, and renewed their commitment to produce volumes that will aid teaching and further the dissemination of medieval literature. Details regarding a DOML Teaching Prize and Residential Fellowship will be available shortly. Harvard University Press Editors Sharmila Sen and Ian Stevenson joined the afternoon discussion, and shared marketing, digitization, and brand strategy insights. The day concluded with a small reception in the Byzantine Courtyard for area Anglo-Saxonists.