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Dumbarton Oaks Announces 2015–2016 Fellows

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In the 2015–2016 academic year, Dumbarton Oaks will host fifty-seven scholars from around the world as Fellows. Dumbarton Oaks has awarded thirteen Fellowships, nine Junior Fellowships, eighteen Summer Fellowships, four Tyler Fellowships, four Mellon Fellowships, eight Project Grants, and one Early-Career Musician Residency.

Summer Fellows

Prof. Timothy Baird, Pennsylvania State University
Garden and Landscape Studies
“Landscape Materiality: Innovation and Convention from Modernism to the Present”

Dr. Anne-Catherine Baudoin, École Normale Supérieure, Paris
Byzantine Studies
“The Greek Gospel of Nicodemus in the Context of First Millennium Culture”

Dr. Darlene Brooks Hedstrom, Wittenberg University
Byzantine Studies
“Feeding Asceticism: The Archaeology of Byzantine Monastic Kitchens”

Dr. Branislav Cvetkovic, Regional Museum of Jagodina, Balkan Studies Institute
Byzantine Studies
“Between Power and Demise: Reliquary of Barbara Frankopan Brankovic”

Prof. Francois Dupuigrenet Desroussilles, Florida State University
Garden and Landscape Studies
“‘If Eve Had a Spade in Paradise. . . ’: Elizabeth von Arnim and Her Gardens (1898–1914)”

Ms. Reyhan Durmaz, Brown University
Byzantine Studies
“Texts, Authors, and Holy Men between Christian and Islamic Hagiographical Traditions”

Ms. Kirby Farah, University of California, Riverside
Pre-Columbian Studies
“Palace and Home: Creating and Maintaining an Elite Identity at Postclassic Xaltocan”

Dr. Roberta Franchi, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest
Byzantine Studies
Reading the Life of Olympias: A Case for Female Deaconesses at Constantinople”

Dr. Anastasia Kalyuta, Russian Museum of Ethnography
Pre-Columbian Studies
“Discovering the Mysteries of the Oztoticpac Land Map: Paleography and Translation of Nahua Land Cadastre”

Dr. Matthew Looper, California State University, Chico
Pre-Columbian Studies
“Deer Imagery in Ancient Maya Art”

Prof. Przemyslaw Marciniak, University of Silesia, Poland
Byzantine Studies
“Hermippos, Hermodotos, and Musokles—A Study of the Three Byzantine Dialogues”

Dr. Mark Masterson, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Byzantine Studies
“Same-Sex Desire among Elite Men during the Time of the Macedonians”

Dr. Brian Matz, Carroll College
Byzantine Studies
“Patristic Citations in the Filioque Controversy of the Middle Byzantine Period”

Mr. Phillip Mazero, Saint Louis University
Byzantine Studies
“Frontier Politics: Veneto-Byzantine Relations, Civic Identity, and Imperial Hegemony, 697–1126”

Dr. David Reed, University of Michigan
Pre-Columbian Studies
“Maya in the Middle”

Ms. Josepha Richard, University of Sheffield
Garden and Landscape Studies
“The Gardens of Lingnan: Valorizing the Third Garden Culture in China”

Mr. Yichi Zhang, University of Technology, Sydney
Garden and Landscape Studies
“The Parlor of the Metropolis: Public Parks and Open Space in the British Concessions of China, 1842–1937”


Dr. Christopher Beekman, University of Colorado, Denver
Pre-Columbian Studies
“Out of Many, One: Collective Governance and its Visual Ramifications in Pre-Columbian Jalisco, Mexico”

Prof. Leslie Brubaker, University of Birmingham (Spring)
Byzantine Studies
“The Virgin Mary in the Byzantine World, 400–1200”

Prof. Tom Conley, Harvard University
Garden and Landscape Studies
“Mapping River and City in France, 1600–1640”

Dr. Mary Cunningham, University of Nottingham
Byzantine Studies
“The Virgin Mary in the Byzantine World, 400–1200: Images, Texts, Relics, and Ceremony”

Prof. Stig Frøyshov, University of Oslo
Byzantine Studies
“The Horologion in Constantinople and Peripheries: Palatine, Secular, and Monastic Contexts”

Dr. Takeshi Inomata, University of Arizona
Pre-Columbian Studies
“Ritual and Politics at the Preclassic Maya Center of Ceibal, Guatemala”

Dr. Philip Jacks, George Washington University (Spring)
Garden and Landscape Studies
“‘To Make it a Great Entrepot’: the Story of Baltimore’s Locust Point”

Prof. Linda Jewell, University of California, Berkeley (Fall)
Garden and Landscape Studies
“Gathering on the Ground: Experiencing Landscape in American Outdoor Theaters”

Dr. Yuri Marano, Collège de France, Monde Byzantin
Byzantine Studies
“The Privileged Burials of Early Byzantine Greece (early fourth to early seventh century CE)”

Dr. Fabio Pagani, Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities
Byzantine Studies
“Studying Plato at Mystra: New Perspectives on Gemistos Pletho and His School”

Dr. Tamara Sears, Yale University
Garden and Landscape Studies
“Wilderness Urbanisms: Architecture, Landscape, and Travel in Precolonial India”

Dr. Daniela Triadan, University of Arizona
Pre-Columbian Studies
“The Development of Social Inequality at the Preclassic Maya Center of Ceibal, Guatemala”

Mr. Nikolaos Zagklas, University of Silesia
Byzantine Studies
“Theodore Prodromos: Writing Poetry and Schedography in Twelfth-Century Constantinople”

Junior Fellows

Mr. Ludovic Bender, University of Fribourg, Switzerland
Byzantine Studies
“Hermitages and Rock-Monasteries of Laconia (XIth–XVth c.): The Landscape of Monasticism in a Byzantine Region”

Ms. Erika Brant, University of Virginia
Pre-Columbian Studies
“The Dead Rose from the Ground: Ancestors and Political Authority in a Post-Collapse Andean Society (1000–1450 CE)”

Ms. Siren Celik, University of Birmingham
Byzantine Studies
“A Historical Biography of Manuel II Palaiologos (1350–1425)”

Mr. Bradley Hostetler, Florida State University
Byzantine Studies
“The Function of Text: Byzantine Reliquaries with Metrical Inscriptions, 843–1204”

Ms. Rebecca Mendelsohn, University at Albany, SUNY
Pre-Columbian Studies
“The Early Mesoamerican City of Izapa and the Southern Maya Region”

Ms. Jennifer Saracino, Tulane University
Pre-Columbian Studies
“Shifting Landscape: Depictions of Environmental and Cultural Disruption in the Mapa Uppsala”

Ms. Camille Behnke Shamble, University of Virginia
Garden and Landscape Studies
“Growing Children Out of Doors: California’s Open-Air Schools and Children’s Health, 1907–1917”

Mr. Roman Shliakhtin, Central European University, Budapest
Byzantine Studies
“The Image of the Seljuk Turks among the Byzantine Literati of the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries”

Mr. Shuichi Wanibuchi, Harvard University
Garden and Landscape Studies
“A Colony by Design: Nature, Knowledge, and the Transformation of Landscape in the Delaware Valley, 1680–1780”

William R. Tyler Fellows

Mr. Nathanael Aschenbrenner
Byzantine Studies
“Rome Contested: Byzantine, Humanist, and Holy Roman Discourses of Empire in the Fifteenth Century”

Mr. John Davis
Garden and Landscape Studies
“The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the American Landscape, 1865–1904”

Ms. Deirdre Moore
Garden and Landscape Studies
“Indigenous Knowledge and Breeding of Cochineal Insects in Eighteenth-Century Colonial Mexico”

Mr. David Ungvary
Byzantine Studies
“The Anxiety of Artifice: Latin Poetic Culture in the Early Medieval Mediterran, c. 500–700”

Mellon Fellows in Urban Landscape Studies

Mrs. Christina Milos, University of Hannover (Fall)
“Anticipatory Urbanization Strategies for In-Situ Oil Sands Extraction in Nigeria”

Prof. Alpa Nawre, Kansas State University (Spring)
“Adaptive Land-Water Edges in Indian Cities”

Dr. Kara Schlichting, Queens College, City University of New York (spring)
“The Nature of Urban Coastal Resiliency: Twentieth-Century Governance, Environmental Management, and Design”

Mr. David Wooden, District Department of the Environment (Fall)
“Washington’s Sewer History: Idealogical, Technological, and Environmental Evolution”

Project Grants

Mrs. Smaragdi Arvaniti, University of Athens
Byzantine Studies
“Recording Material Culture at the Shën Mëri church, Labovo—An Unexplored Religious Center of Byzantine Alban”

Dr. Alison Carter, University of Sydney/University of Wisconsin–Madison
Garden and Landscape Studies
“Beyond Rice Agriculture: The Garden Agriculture of Angkor Wat”

Prof. James Crow, University of Edinburgh
Byzantine Studies
“Apalirou Environs Project”

Dr. Ine Jacobs, University of Edinburgh
Byzantine Studies
“Kostoperska Karpa Regional Archaeological Project”

Dr. Noah Kaye, University of Oregon
Byzantine Studies
“Between Constantinople and Thessalonica: The Justinianic Settlement at Molyvoti, Thrace”

Dr. Steve Kosiba, University of Alabama
Pre-Columbian Studies
“The Roots of the Inca State: Ritual Practice and Sacred Space at Huanacauri (Cuzco, Peru)”

Ms. Kimberly Mercurio
Garden and Landscape Studies
“The A. E. Bye Land Surveys”

Dr. Athanasios Vionis, University of Cyprus
Byzantine Studies
“Settled and Sacred Landscapes: Byzantine Rural Archaeology in Kofinou, Cyprus”

Residency for Early-Career Musician

Matthew Aucoin