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Posted On October 06, 2016 | 09:28 am | by Press | Permalink
Dumbarton Oaks in the News, October 2016

Watch the London Review of Books’ video feature on Letters of a Dead Man with reviewer Nicholas Penny, former director of the National Gallery in London. Penny also published a review of the book in the pages of the LRB in June. In a separate review of the same volume, Gillian Mawrey writes in the July issue of the Historic Garden Review: “This splendid modern edition has scholarly appendages which fill in the background without slowing the racy tone.”
Former junior fellow Andrew Hamilton, currently in the Society of Fellows at Princeton University, gave this talk at Yale University Art Gallery on the royal Inca tunic in the Dumbarton Oaks collection, in conjunction with the gallery’s exhibit Weaving and the Social World: 3,000 Years of Ancient Andean Textiles. Thanks to the Art Gallery, you can now watch it on YouTube.
DCist raves about our gardens: “The real magic . . . is getting lost in the labyrinth of gardens. Romantics, (non-commercial) photographers, and anyone still pining after The Secret Garden won’t be disappointed by the idyllic grounds.”