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Now on View: Still Life and Landscape

Posted On May 04, 2012 | 14:44 pm | by lisaw | Permalink
Special exhibition in the Dumbarton Oaks Museum

This exhibition of paintings and furniture juxtaposes two distinct yet related artistic genres. In a still life the artist depicts the world up-close and often in detail. In a landscape the world is viewed from afar. Despite these differences, the two art forms share common ground—they both represent the world around us.

The artworks in Still Life & Landscape, all from the Dumbarton Oaks historic House Collection, range in date from the early sixteenth to the early twentieth centuries. Artists in the exhibition include Claude Lorrain, Jan van Huysum, David Roentgen, Odilon Redon, and Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Still Life and Landscape can be viewed in the Special Exhibition Gallery during the Museum’s opening hours, 2pm-5pm, Tuesday to Sunday.