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Archived articles from The Oaks News, 2020

A New History of Byzantium

Anthony Kaldellis rethinks a thousand years of history from the Persian occupation to Byzantine society as the law in motion

Slavonic Beyond Byzantium

Jakub Kabala looks at papal traces in the language of an iconic medieval Christian mission to the Slavs

Recovering Our History

Iyaxel Cojti Ren tracks the emergence of the ancient Kaqchikel polity in the Guatemalan highlands during the Late Postclassic period

Conquest as Revival

Victor Castillo finds evidence that sixteenth-century Maya nobles revived ancient religious architecture while claiming Christian identities

Wearing Wonder

Stephanie Caruso reveals how a group of gold pendants created a sense of wonder in late antique viewers

Early Modern Armageddon

W. Sasson Chahanovich explains how the conquest of Constantinople kickstarted Ottoman enthusiasm for the end-times

The Rock Star of Encores

Robyn Bollinger revives the macabre Paganini, “The Hot Canary,” and other touchstones of an indulgent musical tradition