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One-Month Research Stipends in Pre-Columbian Studies

Posted On July 07, 2014 | 11:20 am | by lainw | Permalink
Charles D. Cheek, Thomas W. Killion, and Matt Johnston

Dumbarton Oaks offers one-month research stipends to scholars engaged in advanced research that would benefit from use of the library, museum, and archival collections. More information about the program can be found here.

Charles D. Cheek is an archaeologist who has excavated at the Maya sites of Kaminaljuyu, Guatemala, and Copan, Honduras. His interests are Maya architecture and iconography, and urban life in historic U.S. cities.

Thomas W. Killion, Associate Professor and Chair of Anthropology at Wayne State University, has received a research stipend this summer to work on Agency of the Dead: The Mummies of Cave Valley, Chihuahua and the Smithsonian Institution. The book, set in Mexico and the United States, examines the story of Native American human remains spirited away from burial sites in northwestern Mexico on the eve of the Mexican revolution. Agency of the Dead is a touchstone for reflection on North American repatriation and interweaves archaeology, cultural history, politics, and indigenous identity to illuminate collection and curation practices of the early twentieth century and their implications for the interpretation of the past.

Matt Johnston is an assistant professor of art history at Lewis & Clark College specializing in American print culture and popular culture in the nineteenth century. Most recently, he published “Hamlin Garland's Detour into Art Criticism: Forecasting the Triumph of Popular Culture over Populism at the End of the Frontier” in The Journal of American Culture (December 2011).