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Wearing Wonder Wearing Wonder
Stephanie Caruso reveals how a group of gold pendants created a sense of wonder in late antique viewers
Early Modern Armageddon Early Modern Armageddon
W. Sasson Chahanovich explains how the conquest of Constantinople kickstarted Ottoman enthusiasm for the end-times
The Rock Star of Encores The Rock Star of Encores
Robyn Bollinger revives the macabre Paganini, “The Hot Canary,” and other touchstones of an indulgent musical tradition
Finding Ancient Kings of Copan Finding Ancient Kings of Copan
Loa Traxler synthesizes what the physical remains of a dynastic founder reveal about the Classic Maya world and interactions with Teotihuacan
Rediscovering Bawit Rediscovering Bawit
Héléna Rochard reassesses one of the largest corpora of monastic wall paintings in Early Byzantium
Repurposing Ancient Knowledge Repurposing Ancient Knowledge
Dimiter Angelov studies geography in twelfth-century Constantinople and translates texts on philosophy, friendship, and Hellenic identity
Placemaking with Plants Placemaking with Plants
Lindi Masur puts seeds under the microscope to find new evidence for indigenous food production and landscape management