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Upcoming Scholarly Event

Posted On March 12, 2013 | 15:32 pm | by noahm | Permalink
Pre-Columbian Public Lecture

Dumbarton Oaks and the Association for Latin American Art invite you to attend a public lecture by María Teresa Uriarte, Sacrificial Blood, Death and Rebirth in Pre-Columbian Mural Painting.

Friday, March 15, 5:30pm
Dumbarton Oaks Music Room
1703 32nd Street, NW, Washington, DC
Advance registration is required; please contact

For centuries, cultures around the world have practiced ritual blood offerings and death by sacrifice. In ancient Mesoamerica, these practices were considered essential to rebirth, renewal and the cycling of the world. A number of ancient murals, notably the spectacular paintings of Cacaxtla, Mexico, depict individuals engaged in offering blood. The paintings document the importance and antiquity of the practice and illustrate its role in a process of sacrifice, death and rebirth that lies at the heart of the Mesoamerican worldview.

Maria Teresa Uriarte is head of the Cultural Affairs department of the Universidad Nacional Autonóma de México (UNAM) and director of the project “La pintura mural Prehispánica.” She is the author of over forty publications and co-editor of Olmeca: balance y perspectivas and Pre-Columbian Architecture in Mesoamerica.