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Watch Dumbarton Oaks Lectures Online

Posted On May 03, 2016 | 16:38 pm | by lainw | Permalink

Dumbarton Oaks is excited to begin offering online recordings of some of the many lectures and talks that happen at the institute. This month, we are happy to share two recent talks. The April 8 lecture delivered by Inge Reist, director of the Center for the History of Collecting at the Frick Art Reference Library, on “What’s Mine Is Yours: Private Collectors and Public Patronage in the United States, 1870–1950,” launched a two-day conference on “Private Collecting and Public Display.” Also available is the April 14 Garden and Landscape Studies Public Lecture, “Olympic Landscapes: Green and Greenest,” delivered by Mary Margaret Jones, president and senior principal of Hargreaves Associates and Hargreaves Jones Landscape Architecture. Stay tuned for more videos to come, including further talks from the museum conference! For updates, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel.