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Ptochoprodromika: Edition, Translation, Commentary, with Introduction

Margaret B. Alexiou, Harvard University, Summer Fellow 2010

This project aimed to bring as close to publication as possible the text, translation, and commentary of the Ptochoprodromika of Theodore Prodromos. A working text has been established for Poem I (MS G) (274 lines), Poem II (MS G) (117 lines) + (MS H) (150 lines), the so-called Maiuri Poem (65 lines), Poem III (MS H) (approximately 550 lines) + MSS CSA and g (approximately 200 lines), Poem IV (MS G) (167 lines), its Proem (MSS CSA) (56 lines), and the ending (MS g) (150 lines). Facing translation is now complete for all passages to be presented in the main section. Since this will not be a full critical edition, no critical apparatus will appear beneath the text and translation. But other MSS readings, which are of potential significance for literary, linguistic, or historical reasons, will be presented (with translation as appropriate) and linguistic commentary will be provided. Sufficient material has been collected on all aspects relevant to the interpretation of the poems, including weights and coins; household economy; family life and law; court ceremonial; diets and dishes, foodstuffs and provenance; dress; monastic life, education, and learning; and city street life. This publication will be the first to deal systematically and substantially—if not exhaustively—with the twelfth-century realia in the text, and the commentary will deal with items of historical, cultural, and literary interest.