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Warfare in Later Byzantium

Mark C. Bartusis, Northern State University, Aberdeen, Fellow 2010–2011

My work focused on analyzing a representative collection of late Byzantine battles and creating new narratives in order to illustrate how the army operated in practice. I worked on the battle of Klokotnica (1230), in which Ivan Asen II of Bulgaria defeated Theodore Doukas of Epiros; the battle of Rupel Pass (1255), in which Theodore II Laskaris defeated a force of rebel Bulgarians; the battle of Bapheus (Koyunhisar) (1302), in which the legendary Osman defeated the Byzantine commander Mouzalon; the battle of Apros (1305), in which the Aragonese adventurers of the Catalan Company defeated the Byzantines under Michael IX Palaiologos; the battle of Pelekanos (1329), in which the Ottoman emir Orhan defeated Andronikos III Palaiologos; and the battle of Peritheorion (1345), in which John Kantakouzenos defeated the Bulgarian bandit Momčilo. In connection with the battle of Rupel Pass, I spent some time working out the geography of Theodore II Laskaris’s campaigns of 1255–1256. In addition, I submitted a final draft of my book on pronoia to the publisher, found a suitable cover image for the book from material within the coin collection at Dumbarton Oaks, wrote a book review, and composed a long article on the institution of pronoia in medieval Serbia.