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Ideology in the Exegesis of the Paris Psalter

Reinhart Ceulemans, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Summer Fellow 2018–2019

I completed an overview of the state-of-the-art historical research on the images of the Paris Psalter since the 1920s, benefiting from the library resources and the expertise of summer fellows with a background in Byzantine art history. I converted this overview into the opening section of a substantial article, which I started to write. The other three sections of the article deal with the textual contents of the Paris Psalter: the comprehensibility and function of the Psalter catena of which the Paris manuscript is the primary witness. I brought together the data I gathered earlier and considered the conclusions reached by art historians on the function of the images. On the basis of transcriptions and a preliminary edition of the catena and of my study of the secondary literature, I drafted sections two through four of my article, which I will finalize upon my return. While doing this research, I prepared the organization of a workshop on Psalter catenae to be held in Oxford in August 2019. Finally, the availability of an Athos manuscript in the microfilm collection allowed me to finally complete an (unrelated) article on a Byzantine commentary on the Song of Songs that I had started a long time ago.