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All the World’s Knowledge: Geography and Literature in Late Antiquity

Scott Johnson, Washington and Lee University, Fellow 2009–2010

This year was a magnificent experience in every respect, and I am grateful for the opportunity to make such thorough use of the library, gardens, museum, and the Dumbarton Oaks community generally. My research project on Geography and Literature in Late Antiquity progressed in significant, if unexpected, ways over the year. The range of literature that I am now including in the project is much larger—in particular, I have expanded into high Byzantium and the medieval West through the inspiration of the Fellows and Staff at Dumbarton Oaks this year. Margaret Mullett organized numerous stimulating talks throughout the semester that also gave impetus to my project. In terms of measurable progress, I was able to put together an extensive primary bibliography, including critical texts and translations. I finished an article for Dumbarton Oaks Papers 64, which is the first fruit of my research, and I completed drafts of two chapters for my monograph. In addition, I made substantial progress toward submitting the final manuscript of the Oxford Handbook of Late Antiquity, of which I am the sole editor. All in all, it was a very productive year which included numerous invaluable benefits to my scholarly work.