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Housing and the Village Landscape in the Byzantine Mani

Mark Pawlowski, University of California, Los Angeles, Junior Fellow 2018–2019

Beyond the examination of the physical form of houses and other secular buildings, I studied the use of space in the village and what this can tell us about those who lived there. Having completed my fieldwork the year before, at Dumbarton Oaks I analyzed the data I collected, focusing on the social history and economy of the Byzantine countryside. In addition to using the substantial collections of the library, my research benefited from discussions with and help from the other fellows here from all fields of study. I completed my writing and submitted my dissertation to the Department of Art History at UCLA in May. Along with my research in the library, I had a study session on a selection of the Byzantine ceramics held at the museum. Expanding on my dissertation research, at the invitation of another fellow I had the opportunity to develop and write a contribution to a forthcoming volume on rural Byzantium.