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Bibliography on Gender in Byzantium

Primary sources and secondary literature related to Byzantine gender, including women, eunuchs, and masculinity

This resource, originally a bibliography on women in Byzantium, was begun by Thalia Gouma-Peterson and maintained by Alice-Mary Talbot. More recently, under Margaret Mullett and with the assistance of Nate Aschenbrenner, the bibliography was updated and supplemented with studies on eunuchs and masculinity, which together enable work on the Byzantine gender system.

Last updated July 29, 2020

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Advisory Board

Leonora Neville (University of Wisconsin Madison), chair

Roland Betancourt (University of California, Irvine)

Stavroula Constantinou (University of Cyprus)

Adam Goldwyn (North Dakota State University)

Matthew Kinloch (University of Vienna)

Mati Meyer (The Open University of Israel)


Special acknowledgment to Dumbarton Oaks staff: Anna Stavrakopoulou (Program Director of Byzantine Studies, 2018–2021), Audrey Pettner (2020 summer intern), and Judy Lee (Byzantine Studies Program Coordinator).